English with Flying Colors: The Aviation English and the International Civil Aviation Organisation


There are several reasons for the English language to become lingua franca of aviation including some historical turning points for the world aviation and some specific linguistic features of the language itself. This paper aims to firstly present a short, yet interesting history of implementation of English as standardized language …

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Aviation English Academy Forms Partnership with the Hong Kong International Aviation Organisation

(Hong Kong) March 24, 2016 – “We have just formed a strategic partnership that will provide an all-inclusive flight training program for Hong Kong students wanting to develop a career in international aviation.” That was how CEO Graham Green described the new working agreement between the Australian based Aviation English …

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Nobody seems to speak English here today: Enhancing assessment and training in aviation English


In 2003 the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) strengthened the provisions that English be made available for international radiotelephony communication.  ICAO also developed standards for English proficiency for international pilots and air traffic controllers. However, these standards are applied variably from country to country and in no country are native …

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